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Hi, I am Rohan Sehgal the person behind #Rohanicles…Born in Kanpur, UP but I am a total Punju by Heart and Soul !!

Even though we were mostly on the move due to my Dad’s job, my entire high schooling was done from Bal Bharati Public School, Pritam Pura (BBPS) in New Delhi….I was staying at that time in the #Punjabi dominated #NorthDelhi area called #RajouriGarden, and it has been a super experience of its own living there for almost a decade before moving to the Corporatized town of GURGAON in my engineering days !!

Like many of you kids out there, I too had keen interests in things like “How Stuff Works” etc, which eventually led me to do a Computer Sc. Engineering degree from ITM, Gurgaon (MDU/Kurukshetra Univ) where I spent my 4 years understanding the works…or so i thought !!

Being scared of the Webbed 4X4 cubicle world, I tried my hands at applying for Management education…I was able to manage the same from a college – IMI (International. Mgmt. Instt), Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi…After a good 2 years of good work and no sleeping we were finally able to call ourselves, of what was called the “White Collar” junta…I passed out and started to apply for jobs….

And as they say Banker ka Beta Banker, I landed my first job at one of the most upcoming banks at that time called “Barclays Bank” as a Product Manager in their Mumbai, Worli (Headoffice)…Being a part of the top 50+ students from all over India was a very rich and “Paying” experience so to say :D…

It lasted for a good 2+ years post which I came to my own Punjabi Hometown – #SaddaDilli…That time I took a transfer to the Retail division of the bank….But since I always wanted to do bigger deals and I ended up later in the Corporate Banking division in Barclays, which again lasted for 2 years…

Post my Barclays Stint, I tried my luck at tapping the Corporates and MNC’s in one of the best Lala Banks – YES BANK…It was one of the best experiences so far, with the best bunch of kids in Finance clubbed with enormous exposure into the North Market…

EPIPHANY : Then one day while sipping Tea on a Saturday morning, just a day-after I was Promoted in my Yes Bank job….I took a decision to Work for MYSELF, to be my own boss, & finally to be FREE…After almost Nil support, for the decision by my own Friends and Family I took a call and called it a day…so Corporate Career!! Adios !!

Never looked back ever since…

I have always been a #Startupguy and #StartupMentor and founder at one of the #Angel groups called Gurgaon Angel Investor Network (GAIN) for the past 3 years…Invested in 3 startups and have been mentoring others in various functions and domains…Currently with soo much activity in #StartupWorld I am sure we will be seeing much activity in the future 🙂!!

#Restauranteur : I also ran a Restaurant for almost 2.5++ years by the name of Angrezee Dhaba Grill, in Nirvana Country, Gurgaon where my outlet was awarded with “Best Casual Dine-in” Award in 2015 by one of the reputed Foodie Groups…Restaurant is by far one of the most hardest and most operationally heavy experience of my life so far….I really learnt a lot about Food, Business and People in that short stint…It made me stronger and talented enough to deal with mostly anything that life has to throw at me ever since….

Also side by side, being a #Foodie and a #Blogger I started writing about my #FoodJourneys...In my early engineering days I used to be quite the early bloggers and blogged about Technology and life hence I did coin the term for me – #LifeBlogger….Although I am not that good and always believe that I am learning each day…I will continue my passion of Writing and Startups for the rest of my life !!

Thanks for listening to my Life Journey till the end !! Cheers !!